Our Mission

We create a trusted expandible ecosystem for
Health Care Management that
patients can rely on from their home.

Our Market

Our initial focus is Remote Patient Data Management
(RPDM) of Heart Failure Patients

Heart Failure is a prevalent health condition today,
causing an enormous burden on individuals and societies.

In Europe, Heart Failure patient mortality rates are 11% at one year and 41% at five years of follow-up, respectively.1

The disease challenges the sustainability of health systems. In one year, the costs related to heart failure in the European Union (24 Member States) were estimated to be around €29 billion.2


reduction of heart failure hospitalisations and costs

by best-practice, remote care models3,4,5

Effective monitoring, timely diagnosis and treatment are crucial.6,7


all-cause mortality decrease

Chronic Heart Failure patients
3 years monitoring

TIM-HF2 study8


all-cause mortality decrease

Chronic Heart Failure patients
1 year monitoring

IN-TIME study9


lower risk of dying

Chronic Heart Failure patients
36 months after intervention

Retrospective observational cohort study10

Numerous studies shows, that RPM solutions in support of heart failure could provide a more personalised approach, with the potential to bring about better health outcomes for patients at lower healthcare costs ,11 by ensuring timely diagnosis and treatment, therefore enabling the prevention of complications and potential hospitalisations.12,13

Our Solutions

Use your own web file together with partners

Modular platform

Personalized patient care can be achieved with our indication-based use cases.

Effective Collaboration

Digital cooperation is possible between physicians, even among different locations.

Flexible adaptation

Any new telemedical technology can be easily integrated into our digital supply network.

Accessible Everywhere

Web-based solution with secure access and data encryption.

Efficient workflow

Standardized Operation Protocols ensure delivery of higher healthcare quality for patients.

Optimized Dashboard

Intuitive platform for using data from all type of CIEDs and telemedical external devices.*

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